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Capital Roofing’s seamless roofing division, carry out various types of Liquid Waterproofing Systems for rapid, cost effective seamless protection of roof structures without the application of heat. When used in refurbishment, Liquid Roof Waterproofing Systems can normally be applied over the existing waterproofing without the need for stripping and removal, saving time and cost. Depending on the system chosen, waterproofing is guaranteed for 10, 15 or 20 years.


Liquid Roof Waterproofing comprises multiple coats (depending on specification), laid on a substrate primed with the appropriate primer, as required. Completely seamless, Liquid Roof Waterproofing is ideal for difficult roofs and details such as domes, walkways and roofs with large amounts of plant and equipment.

System Benefits

  • Accelerated waterproof coating providing fast cure, high productivity and less work disruption by bad weather.
  • Proven in use for many years in all kinds of environment including marine, industrial and chemical.
  • Applied cold, use of the system may bring reductions in building insurance costs.
  • The system is seamless across its entire surface.
  • There is sometimes no need to power wash before installation, which can exacerbate existing leaks.
  • Simply rolled or brushed into place, the system gives quick cover around complex details and roof features.
  • The finished surface is extremely durable, resisting the stresses of building movement, thermal fluctuations and foot traffic.
  • The system is vapour permeable, eliminating the risk of surface blistering through vapour pressure.
  • A structurally sound roof with failed waterproofing that has not been damaged by water ingress can be covered without stripping the existing waterproofing, saving time and disposal costs.
  • Fine Granules can quickly be added during installation to create anti-skid areas.
  • Colour demarcated anti-skid walkways can be created.

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