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Capital Roofing - Going Green

April 2012


Capital Roofing is taking the steps to be a green company. We take threats to the environment, and in particular recycling, very seriously.

The company policy is to recycle as much as is possible and is currently recycling 100% of all its packaging from suppliers and manufacturers, including shrink wrap, cardboard, paper and plastics.
The company aim is that by 2015 to have zero waste. To this end the company is investing in machinery to help achieve this. We have recently purchased a can crusher to recycle all tins, drums and cans as liquid waterproofing now represents 40% of our turnover. Other metals recycled are copper, lead and aluminium.

The company is currently in negotiations with its asphalt manufacturers with a view to recycling old roofs that contain asphalt and bitumen waste/products. It is also hoped that we will either return scrap timber to its original supplier or purchase a shredding machine to enable timber to be shredded for compost use.

We are making a considerable effort to only use materials that come from sustainable sources.


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