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The Woolwich Foot Tunnel South Side

The building had suffered vandalism and the theft of the copper sheet roofing from the top of the tunnel building on two occasions the last being the most damaging.

All of the original copper sheets and the parapet gutter lining had been stolen and to reinstate it with original materials would most certainly result in it being stolen again.

Our recommendation to Greenwich council was to use a material that would keep the original look of a copper-sheeted roof covering, but would not be of any value to thieves and so a Thermaweld Copper Felt was proposed to line the parapet gutter and the circular main roof area.

The works had to be carried out urgently as the weather conditions at the time were causing water ingress into the building and over the electrical equipment running the lift.

The Copper Felt needed to be planned and set out correctly to keep the appearance similar to the original but this was easily achieved with Capitals experienced staff. Tilt fillets were used to replace the original cappings and this worked well in the finished appearance

Greenwich Council were delighted with the speed of which Capital Roofing carried out this difficult task and with the final appearance.

Agreement from British Heritage had to be sought as the building is listed. Permission was granted immediately on the specification and recommendation that we submitted.