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Capital Projects

Greenacres, North Park, Eltham, London SE9

Greenacres is a residential road in Eltham, South London, and is situated adjacent to the Royal Blackheath Golf Club, which is the oldest golf club outside Scotland, which was founded in 1776. The development at Greenacres consists of nine residential blocks. The each block is generally rectangular in plan with a duo-pitched roof of traditional copper sheeting. The roofs generally had begun to fail and so were in need of replacement

Due to the fact that copper sheet coverings would be very expensive, several other options such as liquid coatings and a plain green mineral cap sheet were discussed. Capital Roofing put forward Icopal's Thermaweld Copper finished membrane, to keep the original copper appearance of the roof with a more viable cost saving against traditional metal sheet finish. There were also various tricky areas to detail, such as the ridge vent cappings, which would require higher levels of workmanship, as these could be seen from the street level.

The roofs were stripped of and a new plywood deck was installed. This was then waterproofed with Icopal’s Premium SBS torch-on underlay and finished with the Thermaweld Copper capsheet.

The laying of the sheets of Thermaweld Copper needed to be planned and set out correctly to maintain an appearance similar to the original roof, but this was easily achieved with Capital Roofing's experienced installers. Gutter details and edgings were formed first, and then the main sloped roof areas was installed after. Since the roofs were cold ventilated structures, the presence of ridge vent boxes had to be dealt with, using the membrane to form around them and Capital’s installers did a good job. The occupants of the buildings now have an attractive and high performance roof to keep them dry.