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Blackheath High School

Several thefts of lead had occurred over a short period of time and in addition the thieves were peeling copper from the Chapel Roof.

Capital Roofing was contacted and the team worked in conjunction with the school surveyor to produce a remedial specification. Due to the fact that copper would be very expensive, several other options such as liquid coatings and a plain green mineral cap sheet were discussed. Thankfully Capital Roofing managed to persuade the school surveyor to keep the original appearance of the roof. As the Chapel Roof is such a prominent land mark, we came up with a very comprehensive solution, Anderson Copper Thermaweld.

This particular building is in a conservation area and is an architecturally significant building. Only the very best materials being used would satisfy the clients’ needs. In 40 years of business we have worked on all types of buildings but this Hyperbolic Paraboloid shaped roof was without a doubt the most challenging. Only our best and most experienced fixers could attempt the new complex waterproofing, especially the details. All of this was demonstrated by the fact that the felt charge hand was awarded ‘Craftsman of the Year’ for his work on this project and we were awarded ‘Contractor of the Year’

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