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Compentent Roofer Scheme

On 1st May 2011 Capital Roofing became members of the Competent Roofer Scheme who are part of the NFRC. CompetentRoofer is the Government-authorised scheme for England and Wales that allows professional roofing contractors to self-certify that their roofing refurbishment work complies with Building Regulations. The scheme encompasses all roofing types for domestic, industrial and commercial properties and is open to all roofing contractors to apply.

Many jobs undertaken need to be notified to and authorised by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and in many cases this includes work done to your roof. By using a CompetentRoofer member, property owners will save not only time and money but will have the added reassurance that the work carried out meets the exacting standards of the Building Regulations.
  • Regulation – CompetentRoofer members are compliant and up to date with Building Regulations
  • Reliability – CompetentRoofer members are professional contractors who are thoroughly inspected prior to acceptance and undergo regular inspections thereafter
  • Reassurance – Domestic roofing works automatically receive a 10 year warranty. (Warranties are available for commercial/industrial works).

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