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Capital Roofing is pleased to keep you up to date with news from the Team.  If you want to find out  more about us please go to the contacts page, where you will find our telephone numbers etc and any member of the Capital Team will be pleased to help you.

Capital Roofing Become Members of Builders Profile

Capital Roofing have become members of the Builders Profile.

What is the Builders Profile?
It is the removal of all pre-qualification questionnaire duplication, inefficiency and waste within the UK Construction industry.
  • An online pre-qualified questionnaire delivery service
  • A single solution that benefits everyone and that everyone is both happy and able to use.
  • A solution that means subcontractors have the option of a single store for all their company information, that can be easily and efficiently maintained.
  • A solution that means every main contractor, client, accreditation and data validation service can have easy and immediate access to all the information they need without the need to ask subcontractors to complete more questionnaires.